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Since 2013 I have performed numerous Lectures, Workshops and Courses about Creativity through Design Thinking as a Core Value Proposition in the Innovation & Entrepreneurial Processes, while focusing in Problem Solving and Citizenship as objects of study and research. The Deliverables of these Creative Workshops are Pechakuchas produced by the Students Introducing fresh and innovative ideas to address some of the most relevant challenges of their communities. This webpage contains a Selection of the Projects that my student’s developed over the years.

Design the Recycling Experience
Assia Weissberg, Carlotta Brandizzi, Leonardo Hilsdorf, Pasha Georgeiva, Marta Saccani, Ke Tao Yuan
(Culture Production and Creativity @ UCP, 2019)

Lisbon Cultural Tourism APP
Greta Saffer, Samuel Miller, Maria Carvalho, José Cortez, Victoire Michel
(Culture Production and Creativity @ UCP, 2019)

ActUp: Engage Volunteers for your Cause
Reuben Ross, Ana Rita Folgado, Lukas Friedrich, Christine Muller
(Culture Production and Creativity @ UCP, 2018)

MOVARTE: Public Art while Commuting
Ekatarina Smirnova, Luiz Lima, Maria Matos, Marta Silva
(Culture Production and Creativity @ UCP, 2018)

Community Roots: Sharing Food and Culture
Marina Caresia; Gabriela Moura; Raul Barbosa; Diana Ferreira; Ricardo Escarduça
(Culture Production and Creativity @ UCP, 2017)

Extreme Sports & Tourism in Macao
Joane Yu, Doris Teng
(Cultural Economics Students@ IFT, 2016)

YUMMERS: Bringing People together with Food
Ana Paula Mauro, Lorena Lamin, Bernardino Frutoso
(Communication & Culture Students @ UCP, 2015)

DUCK: An Amazing Amphibious Adventure
Cecilia Chan, Francisco Vizeu Pinheiro, Ida Leong, Lisa Cruz, Vivian Tam, Rita Kuan
(MBA & Environmental Sciences Students @ USJ, 2015)

IMMO: Education by Urban Exploration
Anacleto Cabaça, Dora Pires, Elena Pomytkina, Lei Man Sao, Manuel Silva
(MBA & Environmental Sciences Students @ USJ, 2015)

This Project was Awarded the 1st Place at the
Macacao INNOCIT Business Plan Competition 2016

(News at USJ WebSite and Manetic Website)

Scale Up the Macao Patio Experience into an Hotel Network
Alexandre Lebel, Clara Brito, Filipa, Laura Manhiça and Luanha Saraiva
(MBA & Environmental Sciences Students @ USJ, 2015)

Revitalizing Macau with Green Rooftops
Cristina Dias, Christine Hong, Lucas Ribeiro, Marjory Vendramini, and Nuno Sá
(MBA students@USJ, 2014)

FEDER: Macau Simplified for Tourists
Jesko Steinen, Wilson Caldeira, João Pedro Farinha, Eugénio de Sousa, and Narmanda Purevdorj
(MBA students@USJ, 2014)

The Future of Macau Internacional Airport
António Ramirez and Joyce U
(MBA students@USJ, 2013)

The Ring: Bycicle Lanes in Macau
Mariana Pimentel and Sérgio Real
(MBA students@USJ, 2013)


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